Equipment of the hostel

That's what we can offer:
  • Free Internet access with most modern WLAN technology

We offer free wireless internet access for all rooms at Suarezstrasse 15/17.
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  • Get to know people from all over the world

At the moment, stay with us students and trainees from all over the world, not only from countries of the European Union but also from Australia, North America, Asia, etc. In addition to the opportunity to live cheap, you have the chance to make international contacts and friendships with roommates.

  • Telephone line in your room

Our rooms already have an installed telephone jack. If you are interested in a fixed line of Deutsche Telekom in your room (which you also get to the Internet), this is usually within a week without much effort, especially without work in the room. The application of the treaty and the resulting costs will be handled solely between you and the Telekom. A phone you would have to get myself well.

  • Clean in our house

Our cleaners are with us every day in service and clean for the hallways, stairs, bathrooms and communal kitchens. Only for your room, you are responsible.

Check the cleanliness of our home with another student dormitories in Berlin and you will notice that is placed with us are clean great value.

  • Free Parking

In the house are two washing machines. Such tokens to use you will get in our property. You need to take your own washing powder.

Our residence is a house of short distances. For problems, suggestions and comments, contact the property management, which are housed in the same building.