Greetings from the club president

Dear visitors,

the student hostel in the Suarezstraße 15/17 is operated by the "Fördererkreis Junge Politik e.V." Our charitable organization is nonpartisan and acts independently of its social activity in young people studying and training low-cost housing available. We run our own house and in particular without state funding.

In addition, the "Fördererkreis Junge Politik e.V." is an education institution, which shall take from the experience of the history of our parliamentary democracy party. Above all, we want to help young people to discover the nature and value of our form of government.

We have rooms for lectures and other events of smaller groups.

We would be pleased if you would contact us.

Yours sincerely

Professor Dr. Gero Pfennig

Fördererkreis Junge Politik e.V.